baby powder cancer

Talcum powder containing “talc” caused by ovarian cancer US Johnson & Johnson Panpei 2.4 billion yuan

Pin powder carcinogenic? American Johnson & Johnson Panpei 2.4 billion! (Movies / China Times “Video”) ※ Further reading -> “talcum powder carcinogenic? Toxicology expert called on 颜宗海 not panic: If you are worried private office to avoid “Alabama A 62-year-old woman, because long-term use talcum powder containing talc, therefore suspected ovarian cancer to death, and the family sued the US Johnson & Johnson The company (Johnson & Johnson), Missouri jury verdict recently in favor of family of the deceased, the United states Johnson & Johnson must compensate 72 million yuan US dollars, or about NT $ 2.4 billion. Johnson & Johnson baby powder the United States is accused of carcinogenic Panpei 2.4 billion. (Figure / cut from CTV News) that the woman in the past 35 years have been using baby powder, three years ago was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, died in 2015, her lawyer accused the United States of Johnson & Johnson company, from the 1980s We know that the product is hazardous to health, but to conceal the fact that long-term, and until there is a similar lawsuit cases. The key is in favor of talc baby powder, if inhaled containing asbestos may cause cancer, in fact, as early as 2009, there are groups called on the US Johnson & Johnson to remove potentially carcinogenic ingredients care products, the company agreed in 2015 remove product ingredients “dioxane” and “formaldehyde”, etc. years ago. US Johnson & Johnson issued a statement on the decision, said a few 10 years Talc is scientifically proven safe cosmetic ingredients, is expected to continue to appeal, but the United States since 1200 Johnson survivors faced a similar lawsuit, the ruling may affect subsequent judgment.



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