Truth cancerTruth cancer

Truth cancerTruth cancer

Truth About Cancer Network source text is reproduced in June 2015 in Zhenjiang finishing Everyone knows China including cancer incidence is increasing rapidly around the world, we know that light Chinese new year 300 million for cancer patients, but everyone I do not know it is that this figure is the result of modification of the official. The real number of cases had reached 600 million people. Only for breast cancer, the past two decades, the incidence of breast cancer has increased by four times, yes, you read right, not an increase of 4%, 40%, but increased by 400%. The official said the Chinese new year, breast cancer is the occurrence of 20 million people, but the actual occurrence of the new year is 60 million. This is a terrible phenomenon. Everyone knows that the medical profession in order to overcome the problem of cancer, seems to spend a lot of effort, but everyone does not know is that the medical profession particularly those international pharmaceutical giant monopoly, they are not the real idea how to solve the problem of cancer, and He is thinking about how to earn more money from the body of cancer patients. In Western medicine, represented by medical authorities who get cancer of the extremely complex, you either Western medicine after several years of formal education, the fundamental concept of imaginary figure out various theories associated with cancer. However, these voluminous cancer theory, but it did not solve any problems of cancer treatment, really big irony. Everyone knows that cancer is caused by genetic mutations, environmental pollution is caused by genetic factors, but do not know none of these reasons is the real cause of cancer generated. Everyone knew had cancer first choice is to go big cities hospitals, surgery to radiotherapy and chemotherapy immune, but do not know the level of Beijing Shanghai still keep up with the level of treatment of cancer fifties and sixties almost do not know who chose the place chemotherapy patients, but more than suffer no choice chemotherapy patients, death is more to come.

Starting today, the horizon of friends about the truth of cancer, including cancer of the truth itself, including the medical profession by cancer enrichment truth, including mainstream medicine to suppress cancer research innovation to sustain interest over the truth, but in fact already includes China major breakthrough in cancer research, but the truth is artificially dismount. Ladies and gentlemen, you know everything cancer and cancer-related, after all the mainstream media filter filtration, instill your information. Today, I want to break the barrier of the mainstream media, the truth cancer prompted out. In order to avoid advertising suspects, this article will not appear real hospitals, real names. Any sensitive content, will be irrelevant to sign instead. This article is the transmission of information only. Cancer is a very boring topic, but please relax a bit, this article is very interesting, to ensure that does not look boring. The first chapter of the Past and Present cancer tumors into benign and malignant tumors two kinds. Cancer is cancer. In the minds of many people, the cancer seems to be a modern disease. Oh yeah, before anyone heard of cancer, if only in recent decades, cancer is increasingly common, friends and family around them, and more and more cancer. It is said that cancer was the result, because of the increasing level of human life, physical and reduced physical activity, nutrition, mental burden, coupled with the proliferation of chemical substances, excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers, increasingly serious environmental pollution, cancer is so modern disease. In fact, cancer is not a modern disease, which is an ancient disease. The reason for this

That is due to the historical records, long before humans discovered the disease. In China, the first discovered tumor-associated records, in the Western Zhou Dynasty, it was used to describe the tumor “swelling” of the word, but was unable to distinguish the tumor is benign or malignant. To the Han Dynasty, the first cases of cancer appeared in classics. You may have heard the history of the very famous “Rather Than Ti Ying,” the story says that the Han Emperor period, there is a great girl, called Ti Ying, her father breaking the law, punishable by law “corporal punishment” It is to cut the nose, cut feet. Ti Ying in order to save her father, a letter to the Han Emperor, pleading for his father. Han Emperor greatly moved, eliminating Ti Ying father of corporal punishment, and ordered the complete abolition of corporal punishment. This is the famous Rather Than Ti Ying event in history. Ti Ying’s father, who is? He is the Western Han Dynasty famous doctor Chunyu Yi. China has one of the earliest documented cases of cancer appeared in Chunyu Yi book, it was a documented gastric cancer. Chunyu Yi daughter really great iconic big event in Chinese history from different disciplines they are actually a monopoly two keys: one is the Han Emperor amend the law to abolish the cruel corporal punishment, and the second is the cancer of human history’s first recorded case detection. Blink of an eye to the Song dynasty. At this time, my physician has further cancer awareness, at the beginning of the twelfth century, “Ji Wei Po book” for the first time a “cancer” word. The book also observed for breast cancer, noted that women over the age of 40 susceptible to this disease, ulcers and other three died. Song Yang Shiying wrote of cancer: “compete on the deep caves of shape, collections tired vertical … toxic roots deep, piercing through wrap” “”, shows that the ancients had recognized that the characteristics of the cancer. To the Qing Dynasty, about cancer disorders also elaborated more and more, most of the discussion are identified



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