Cancer sign (Bukanhouhui)

Cancer sign (Bukanhouhui)

Cancer sign (Bukanhouhui) cancer signal “” Did you notice? Studies have shown that: ① cancer can not be formed in a weakly alkaline body; ② cancer only in the formation of acidic body; ③ If you have cancer, indicating the body is acidic; ④ cancer only in an acidic body extension; ⑤ if your body becomes weak alkaline, cancer can not be extended; ⑥ If you can balance your body PH value, so that your body into alkaline, no matter what you have to change and cancer has been cured; ⑦ matter how bad your situation, even if only six months to live, if you can change your body PH value to weak alkaline, your cancer will not be extended, will be good; ⑧ not worry about your family, your mom Dad or anyone who has cancer, as long as your body is alkaline, you will not have to, if you already have, it will change; ⑨ are acidic body fluids of cancer survival, and nothing else. If your body is acidic, you will get cancer. If it is weak base, you will not get cancer. If you already have cancer, as long as you can adjust your body’s PH value to weak alkaline, cancer will go away. The secret is very simple to prevent cancer is to eat alkaline foods to prevent the accumulation of acidic wastes, because the acidification of the fluid environment is fertile ground for normal cell cancerous, fluid acid-base balance adjustment is an effective way to prevent cancer. A) to develop good habits, quit alcohol limit. Smoking, the World Health Organization predicts that if people are not smoking, five years later, the world’s cancer will be reduced by one-third; secondly, no alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol is very acidic acid, long-term smokers who drink alcohol, easily lead to acidic. B) Do not eat too much salty and spicy food, eat hot, cold, overdue and bad food; frail or have some kind of disease genes are appropriate to eat some anti-cancer foods and high alkali content alkaline foods to maintain good mental state. C) have a good mentality to cope with stress, rest, do not fatigue. Visible pressure is an important incentive for cancer, Chinese medicine, stress leads to fatigue physically weak to cause decreased immune function, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, leading to acid deposition in vivo; pressure can lead to mental stress caused by stagnation of qi and blood stasis, drugs, fire retraction and so on. D) to enhance physical activity, enhance physical fitness, exercise in the sun, and more acidic the body sweat can be excreted with the sweat, to avoid the formation of acidic. E) life to the law, irregular habits of people, such as the night singing karaoke OK, playing mahjong, night out and other living without the law, will increase the acidic, prone to cancer. It should develop good habits, so as to maintain a weak alkaline, so far from their various types of cancer diseases. F) not to eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish balls, moldy food, eat some organic food, to prevent the disease from the mouth. Acidic body is the large number of human intake of high fat, high protein, high calorie foods results

?????★ common acid-alkaline foods: ⊙ strong acid: egg yolks, cheese, sugar, West Point, persimmon, mullet roe, dried cod. ⊙ Acidic: ham, chicken, tuna, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, butter, horse meat. ⊙ weak acid: rice, peanuts, beer, fried tofu, seaweed, clams (clams), octopus, loach. ⊙ weak alkaline: red beans, carrots Portugal, apples, cabbage, onions, tofu. ⊙ in alkaline: Portuguese dry dill, soybean, carrot, Portuguese, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, melons, strawberries, protein, pickled plum, lemon, spinach and so on. ⊙ Strongly alkaline: grapes, tea, wine, seaweed, natural green algae, kelp can be said to be the king of alkaline food, eat seaweed can effectively adjust acidic. So usually often feel tired, fatigue, aching muscles, might as well eat kelp. In addition, it is often said that drinking tea can relieve fatigue, in addition to the excitement in the tea ingredient, theophylline can “neutralize” the body of acidic substances, but also alleviate the fatigue effect. Further vegetarian is the best way, if we continue vegetarian for some time, the body will naturally become alkaline constitution. What are the human body ◆ easy “sour”: ⊙ family stay up all night, “” do not sleep at night after 1:00, the body’s metabolism will be transferred by the endocrine burning, burning with the endocrine toxins will be a lot of physical changes will make acid, usually late at night the probability of people have chronic diseases are far more than would people drink or smoke. So far as possible every day before 12:00 at night to sleep, do not often stay up all night, if not to stay up all night a week to only once! Do not stay up all night to eat meat, try to eat carbohydrates, so it will not be tired the next day, the damage can be minimized. ⊙ family supper “” Anything after 8:00 pm refeeding can be called supper. Late night the next day tired easily, could not get up, the liver will be damaged, because sleep, human organs activity is reduced, in a resting state, then let the food stay in the intestines become acid, fermentation, easy to produce toxins, bodily harm. ⊙ breakfast “deserter” “” three meals a day, breakfast is the most important, but many people do not eat breakfast, early in the morning on an empty stomach, the body no power, it will automatically use the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary and other glands next, and so easy to causing the gland hyperactivity, physical sour, long-term down easily lead to a variety of chronic diseases. ⊙ “fine food” family, “” less movement and all day sitting in the office workers most likely to commit such a mistake, because eating less, and deliberately chose a very fine food, eat whole grains, such aging of human intestines particularly fast, liver function will deteriorate, defecation is black and often constipation. Because refined foods lack fiber, can cause the intestines function deterioration, or even shrinking, the food you eat into a toxin, so that your physical changes acid, chronic disease began. Cancer, many people feel terror, but not totally escape from its claws. United States, “Web MD” Web site recently published American Cancer Society experts summed up the “Men and women are the most likely to ignore symptoms of cancer,” to remind you to catch cancer clues. Because a survey showed that 5-year survival rate of patients after treatment and later only 10% -30% compared with 5-year survival rate of early cancer patients after regular treatment can be as high as 70% -95%. These precursor, men and women should pay attention to each, respectively two, should be noted that a total of 13: Men should be noted:

??Testicular changes. Testicular cancer-prone age group 20-39 years. The American Cancer Society recommends that men should monthly testicular self-examination, including changes in testicular size, significant swelling or shrinking mass appeared in the scrotum, scrotal pain and other fall, there are problems should seek immediate medical attention. In particular, feel the scrotum bulge, which feels like a put briquettes, and more than a week, to Dr. Ma Shangzhao diagnosis. This is the most typical precursor of testicular cancer, the need for blood tests and scrotal ultrasound. 2. problems urinating. With increasing age, male urination problems are becoming widespread, frequent urination, urinary urgency and urinary net more common. If the symptoms get worse, especially in urine have a strong sense of urgency, we should be alert to prostate cancer. Typically rectal examination should be done, the doctor will tell you whether prostatic hyperplasia, which is the main symptom of prostate cancer. Women should be aware of: 1. bloating. Many women believe that bloating is very common, do not fuss. However, this may be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Director of the Tianjin Tumor Hospital Medical Center Cancer Prevention LIU Jun introduction, persistent abdominal swelling, there is pressure and pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, difficulty eating or easy satiety, for several weeks, it is likely to be a sign of ovarian cancer. 2. irregular bleeding. American oncologist Dr. Dai Li said abnormal vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycle and female urine bleeding easily be overlooked. They are likely to be common gynecological cancer, endometrial cancer — a big sign, at least three-quarters of women have this symptom after being diagnosed suffering from endometrial cancer. The stool bleeding may be a sign of colon cancer. Both men and women should be noted: 1. Breast lumps. Breast cancer is not a woman’s patent, both men and women should be actively prevented. When women find breast skin redness, lumps, will exceptionally careful. “Especially the breast skin rash, and continued for several weeks to subside and have to go check.” Oncologist Hannah? Dr. Lin Deng said. In addition, she pointed out, non-lactating women, nipple retraction, and often flowing liquid, but also a bad signal. For men, if the breast skin wrinkling, shrinkage or asymmetrical nipples, nipple size and shape changes, breast swelling, lumps appear, are inflamed nipples performance, but also the symptoms of breast cancer. LIU Jun further explained that breast lumps are generally hurt, but it will gradually become larger. 2. pain. American Cancer Society, said that with increasing age, body pain will increase. However, certain parts of the body inexplicable pain and continued more than a week, the reasons should be identified as soon as possible, because the unprovoked pain may be signs of cancer. For example, long-term pain is a symptom of colorectal cancer, chest pain may be caused by lung cancer, bone pain may be symptoms of cancer metastasis. LIU Jun pointed out that pancreatic cancer will be reflected in the abdominal area, such as umbilical or right upper quadrant intractable dull pain or cramps, can burst, but also showed persistent, usually gradually increased to the back of radiation. 3. Changes in the lymph nodes. Dr. Lin Deng said that no matter which part of the body, especially the emergence of axillary lymph nodes or Jingbo, must not be taken lightly. If the lymph nodes continued to increase, more than one month, it is likely that the symptoms of breast cancer or brain cancer. 4. fever. Fever is generally caused by influenza, pneumonia or inflammation caused by other, however, unexplained fever may be a sign of danger. American Cancer Society, said the spread of cancer to other body organs, usually causes fever. Lymphoma, leukemia and other blood cancers also have a fever. Director of anti-cancer Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital Division, added Xu Zhijian, lymphoma will show in the early and mid persistent fever, body temperature at 38 degrees Celsius, when the infection may be fever. Necessary to check include: X ray chest, CT scan, MRI and the like. 5. Inexplicable weight decrease. Happily indeed able to lose weight without strenuous, but if neither increase physical activity within a month, not any reduction diet, body weight decreased by 10% but somehow, it should seek immediate medical attention. Sharp decline in weight, anorexia, recurrent diarrhea and constipation are the most common form of lung cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer and colorectal cancer symptoms for women may also be hyperthyroidism. 6. Continued with abdominal pain and depression. American Cancer Society officials Leonardo? Dr. Leach Dayton Rumsfeld said that if sustained abdominal pain and symptoms associated with depression, most likely with pancreatic cancer. Because the experts found that the relationship between depression and pancreatic cancer greatly. Other symptoms include: jaundice or abnormal stool was gray. 7. fatigue. In general, the feeling of fatigue, is a sign the cancer has developed, but for leukemia, cancer and stomach cancer, it may be the early onset of fatigue. Cancer fatigue and general fatigue What is the difference? American Cancer Society experts said, the general fatigue rest will disappear, and the fatigue of cancer no matter how the rest, will find it hard to improve.


Truth cancerTruth cancer

Truth cancerTruth cancer

Truth About Cancer Network source text is reproduced in June 2015 in Zhenjiang finishing Everyone knows China including cancer incidence is increasing rapidly around the world, we know that light Chinese new year 300 million for cancer patients, but everyone I do not know it is that this figure is the result of modification of the official. The real number of cases had reached 600 million people. Only for breast cancer, the past two decades, the incidence of breast cancer has increased by four times, yes, you read right, not an increase of 4%, 40%, but increased by 400%. The official said the Chinese new year, breast cancer is the occurrence of 20 million people, but the actual occurrence of the new year is 60 million. This is a terrible phenomenon. Everyone knows that the medical profession in order to overcome the problem of cancer, seems to spend a lot of effort, but everyone does not know is that the medical profession particularly those international pharmaceutical giant monopoly, they are not the real idea how to solve the problem of cancer, and He is thinking about how to earn more money from the body of cancer patients. In Western medicine, represented by medical authorities who get cancer of the extremely complex, you either Western medicine after several years of formal education, the fundamental concept of imaginary figure out various theories associated with cancer. However, these voluminous cancer theory, but it did not solve any problems of cancer treatment, really big irony. Everyone knows that cancer is caused by genetic mutations, environmental pollution is caused by genetic factors, but do not know none of these reasons is the real cause of cancer generated. Everyone knew had cancer first choice is to go big cities hospitals, surgery to radiotherapy and chemotherapy immune, but do not know the level of Beijing Shanghai still keep up with the level of treatment of cancer fifties and sixties almost do not know who chose the place chemotherapy patients, but more than suffer no choice chemotherapy patients, death is more to come.

Starting today, the horizon of friends about the truth of cancer, including cancer of the truth itself, including the medical profession by cancer enrichment truth, including mainstream medicine to suppress cancer research innovation to sustain interest over the truth, but in fact already includes China major breakthrough in cancer research, but the truth is artificially dismount. Ladies and gentlemen, you know everything cancer and cancer-related, after all the mainstream media filter filtration, instill your information. Today, I want to break the barrier of the mainstream media, the truth cancer prompted out. In order to avoid advertising suspects, this article will not appear real hospitals, real names. Any sensitive content, will be irrelevant to sign instead. This article is the transmission of information only. Cancer is a very boring topic, but please relax a bit, this article is very interesting, to ensure that does not look boring. The first chapter of the Past and Present cancer tumors into benign and malignant tumors two kinds. Cancer is cancer. In the minds of many people, the cancer seems to be a modern disease. Oh yeah, before anyone heard of cancer, if only in recent decades, cancer is increasingly common, friends and family around them, and more and more cancer. It is said that cancer was the result, because of the increasing level of human life, physical and reduced physical activity, nutrition, mental burden, coupled with the proliferation of chemical substances, excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers, increasingly serious environmental pollution, cancer is so modern disease. In fact, cancer is not a modern disease, which is an ancient disease. The reason for this

That is due to the historical records, long before humans discovered the disease. In China, the first discovered tumor-associated records, in the Western Zhou Dynasty, it was used to describe the tumor “swelling” of the word, but was unable to distinguish the tumor is benign or malignant. To the Han Dynasty, the first cases of cancer appeared in classics. You may have heard the history of the very famous “Rather Than Ti Ying,” the story says that the Han Emperor period, there is a great girl, called Ti Ying, her father breaking the law, punishable by law “corporal punishment” It is to cut the nose, cut feet. Ti Ying in order to save her father, a letter to the Han Emperor, pleading for his father. Han Emperor greatly moved, eliminating Ti Ying father of corporal punishment, and ordered the complete abolition of corporal punishment. This is the famous Rather Than Ti Ying event in history. Ti Ying’s father, who is? He is the Western Han Dynasty famous doctor Chunyu Yi. China has one of the earliest documented cases of cancer appeared in Chunyu Yi book, it was a documented gastric cancer. Chunyu Yi daughter really great iconic big event in Chinese history from different disciplines they are actually a monopoly two keys: one is the Han Emperor amend the law to abolish the cruel corporal punishment, and the second is the cancer of human history’s first recorded case detection. Blink of an eye to the Song dynasty. At this time, my physician has further cancer awareness, at the beginning of the twelfth century, “Ji Wei Po book” for the first time a “cancer” word. The book also observed for breast cancer, noted that women over the age of 40 susceptible to this disease, ulcers and other three died. Song Yang Shiying wrote of cancer: “compete on the deep caves of shape, collections tired vertical … toxic roots deep, piercing through wrap” “”, shows that the ancients had recognized that the characteristics of the cancer. To the Qing Dynasty, about cancer disorders also elaborated more and more, most of the discussion are identified


Cancer Knowledge Solutions (best) 1

Cancer Knowledge Solutions (best) 1

1. According to statistics, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced 14 million cancer patients worldwide, the incidence of new people each year 900 million people, 700 million people died, the world is l / 10 people died of cancer. Our 1.6 million new cases, 1.3 million deaths, cancer mortality l5% of total deaths. Our common cancer in order of priority are: stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer, colorectal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, breast cancer and leukemia, glioma and the like. 2. What age prone to cancer? People are likely to suffer from cancer at any age, but more likely the onset of certain age. Generally speaking, after 40 years people tend to cancer. The older, the greater is the risk of cancer, cancer of the absolute value of the peak age between 40-60 years of age, the age of onset of multiple tumors in children before age five. 3. Why do more and more cancer cancer now looks more and more, this is due to reduced ① diseases:? Since the beginning of the liberation of people’s living standard is low, poor sanitary conditions, was a high incidence of infectious diseases. After the reform and opening up, with social progress and people’s economic, cultural and health conditions improved living standards, infectious diseases has been greatly reduced, and some infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, typhoid once extinct or reduced treatment in hospitals cancer disease increased. ② increase in the elderly: political stability, people’s material and cultural life to improve, to live and work, improve the urban and rural health care, minor illnesses can be treated in time, therefore, to extend life expectancy. Most cancers occur in the elderly, cancer is comparatively increased. 4. Cancer be prevented? Cancer is preventable. According to the research 80% -90% of cancer is induced by environmental factors, 35% (10% -70%) in which food plays a factor. Smoking, alcohol consumption is a major risk factor for cancer, about 30% (25% -40%) to smoking as the cause, 5% (4-8%) in the occupational and environmental cancer chemical pathogenic agent. 2% to genetic factors. Cancer prevention is divided into three: ① primary prevention (prevention of the cause) to eliminate cancer-causing factors and causes, improve the ability to prevent cancer, stop using carcinogenic substances. Promote smoking cessation, curb youth smoking, ban smoking in public places, to prevent lung cancer, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer; high fat diet and breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, endometrial cancer occurrence; alcohol abuse increase in esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer opportunity; hepatitis B and cirrhosis, primary liver cancer; salted, smoked food and esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, and therefore advocate eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. ② secondary prevention (two early), early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of cancer. Such as the census, cervical cancer, breast cancer screening can find DCIS early, timely treatment, very good effect, others such as liver cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, adenocarcinoma of the former crack found that many small hepatocellular carcinoma in our census, early lung cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, glioma. ③ secondary prevention (prevention of rehabilitation) is the rehabilitation of patients after cancer surgery performed to reduce complications and prevent disability and improve survival and improve quality of life. Now China has many large cities by the government, oncologists and patients, social workers together to build a cancer patient associations or clubs, associations stoma (artificial anus colorectal cancer after surgery, urinary bladder cancer patients after resection of making drain) Organization , as well as older-governmental organizations around the hospital, rehabilitation hospital, hospice, rehabilitation organizations large hospitals, etc., are the medical staff to patients with physical, psychological, labor, life counseling, and make follow-up record, to observe the long-term effect, between the patient and to comfort each other, care for each other, encourage joint fight with cancer, and clinical research has accumulated a wealth of information.

????5. Cancer patients ate? Many cancer patients and their families particularly concerned about eating problems, they often ask doctors, cancer patients ate? On the type and amount of diet, eating ordinary mortals diet as well. It should be noted the following questions: ① nourished: cancer patients after surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, should pay special attention to nutrition problems and ensure more than 3 feet l. Enough calories: meat, milk, eggs, high-calorie foods; adequate protein: meat and soy foods, a person who weighs 50 kg, then the day should ensure intake of 50 to 100 grams of protein foods; foot the amount of vitamin A and vitamin C; animal liver, butter and fresh vegetables, fruits rich in Vit; the water. ② delicious taste digestible: a lot of cancer patients is poor appetite and digestion function, so they should be catering to the issue, taking into account the taste, color, flavor and beauty digestible as possible, and constantly changing patterns, poor digestion persons , frequent meals approach may be used. ③ do not blindly tonic and diet: Do not superstitious no scientific basis and diet supplements. Only by maintaining a normal diet to get adequate nutrition. 6. Immune function and cancer What is the relationship of every healthy person has a sound anti-cancer disease prevention system, which as the factory inspector, at any time to identify and remove defective cell proliferation:? Cancer. Immunocompromised people susceptible to cancer. For example, organ transplant patients, because long Long with immunosuppressive agents, their risk of cancer is 100 times of ordinary people, they will be about 6% of cancer patients due to immune function is severely impaired, it is easy to suffer from malignant lymphoma tumors and brain tumors and other cancers. For patients who have cancer, it is essential immunity, immune function strong slow progression, they may bring long-term survival, and may even completely eliminate the small foci. Thus, when the anti-cancer treatment cancer patients should pay attention to attack both complement and improve the patient’s immune function. 7. Cancer is a death sentence it? Cancer is a disease of a serious threat to human life, but not terminally ill. In fact, many cancer patients through active Chinese and Western medicine treatment, can live more than ten years, or even life-long cure. For now, about half of cancer patients can be saved if effective preventive measures can achieve early detection, aggressive treatment, the cure rate can be increased. 8. Whether the cancer will be genetic? Cancer is not directly hereditary, but it is safe to say that there some cancers and genetic factors. Such as retinoblastoma, Wilms tumor, adrenal gland or ganglion neuroblastoma human pheochromocytoma and other obviously with genetic factors. We have found that a two generations of 49 people, there are 10 people suffering from cancer, in which nine people suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a person suffering from breast cancer. Our country is the highest incidence of NPC countries, Europe and America white nasopharyngeal cancer is relatively rare, but several generations of Chinese residing in the United States, the incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer is much higher than the local Americans. There are also reports that the chance of children suffering from gastric cancer patients with gastric cancer 4 times higher than the average person; the chances of developing breast cancer, breast cancer mother whose daughter is also very high. Description cancers are familial predisposition or genetic factors. 9. Did you know that the human body has an anti-cancer medicine system you find:? ① Some cancer patients without any treatment, after some time, the tumor go away. According to statistics, this without treatment and healing of cancer patients per 100,000 patients in one case. ② in the autopsy, often found in the body have subsided foci exist, and no symptoms before his death from cancer produced, which also shows the possibility of self-healing of cancer. ③ some patients it has metastasized, after resection of the primary tumor, the cancer metastasis is also self-limiting, such as choriocarcinoma, thyroid cancer often have such a reaction. ④ There are reports showed that 60% of cancer patients present in the blood of cancer cells, but distant metastasis still a minority, not as people imagine, once the blood cancer will certainly have distant metastases. ⑤ As you know, the cancer cells under a variety of carcinogenic factors combined effects of mutations from normal cells by the body, in theory,

????Normal cell division every time, there is the possibility of malignancy, the day the number of cells can be divided in 3500 as much memory, but the human cancer after all, still the minority. The above observations prove that the human body has an anti-cancer system, which is resistant to the immune system attack the cancer; tumor disappeared, degradation, and this is the victory of the immune system. Therefore, improving immune function, we have a very major role in cancer prevention, cancer. 10. The cancer contagious? Cancer is not contagious. Cancer families without family isolation. Even so, people are still skeptical, so that part of long-term cancer patients suffer from cold at arm’s length, it seems necessary to explain the truth. From the fact that a large number of ordinary existence, the cancer is not contagious. For example, in the cancer ward, different types of long-term cancer patients sharing a room, the situation of mutual infection has not been found. Tumor medical staff long-term close contact with cancer patients, their cancer rates are no higher than in the general population. It has been voluntary vaccination of cancer patients cancer cells, the results are successful at the end. Animal experiments confirmed that the long-term risk of cancer in animals and healthy animals kept together, did not show any cancer contagious phenomenon. 11. Can cancer patients physical exercise rehabilitation of cancer patients through self-training, can mobilize the initiative of patients, the patient’s body and mind are good;? Physical exercise but it is also an adjunct therapy, both local treatment, systemic treatment is by local muscle movement, body organs to play the role of exercise; exercise can enhance the body’s resistance to disease and reduce complications after treatment, prevent other diseases. Therefore, physical exercise is important for cancer patients recovered, and its main purpose is to improve the recovery of cancer patients as soon as possible to promote the various functions. 12. What cancer patients physical exercise should pay attention to physical exercise when cancer patients recovered, and the body must be based on the characteristics of each patient’s functional status may be, choose the appropriate training methods, acquire the appropriate amount of exercise, the principle of the honor following:? ①, the person should participate in physical exercise. That is, to select training methods and content based on their physical condition. ②, gradual and sustained. ③, exercise should be appropriate. 13. Cancer patients should maintain a kind of mood? “Anger even partial hurt gas, Dauth damage too, think less, read less, Shao Yu, little things, of few words, less crying, less worry, less happy, less happy, less anger, less well, less evil, less twelve this line, and good health are also deeds. “for cancer patients, in particular, should avoid and reduce a variety of stimulating activities, such as family disputes, funeral and other troubles and sentimental activity. Even some happy things, should also pay attention to stop, not too strong stimulation. Joyful, laugh is also a strong stimulus, but also should be limited and avoided. As the patient’s family should pay attention to such irritating things, so that patients avoid unnecessary mood swings, so that in a relaxed, natural, pleasant state of life, which for the rehabilitation of cancer patients is very important . 14. Multi-tonic can prevent cancer? As living standards improve, people’s growing interest in supplements, many people believe that more tonic to prevent disease, but in fact no tonic so much of their power. Mainly refers to tonic tonic medicine class of drugs, such as ginseng, royal jelly, longan, Astragalus, medlar, gelatin, etc., many tonic regulate immune function, for the elderly and infirm have physical rehabilitation role. However, the body’s immune function by the anti-cancer effects of diet, spiritual and many other factors, while 70% of cancer causes by external factors, so more tonic attempt by the anti-cancer approach is unrealistic, some tonic ingestion overdose can cause poisoning. Poor immune function one can eat a little Codonopsis, Astragalus like tonic, but the specific amount and take the best opportunity to listen to the doctor’s advice.


Cancer Classification

Cancer Classification

Cancer: the definition of cancer using China Insurance Association to develop a “critical illness insurance illness defined using standard” set out, referring to malignant cells were uncontrolled growth and proliferation, invasion and destruction of surrounding normal tissue, can warp blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and body cavities diffusion transfer of the disease to other body parts. The results confirm the diagnosis by pathology, clinical diagnosis belong to World Health Organization, “Diseases and Related Health Problems International Statistical Classification” (ICD-10) malignancies category. Malignant tumors (C00-C97) ? lip, oral cavity and pharynx cancer (C00-C14) ? C00 ? C01 Malignant lip tongue tongue cancer ? C02 Other and unspecified parts of gum cancer malignancy ? C03 ? C04 port bottom jaw cancer malignancy ? C05 ? C06 port other and unspecified sites of malignant tumors of the parotid gland malignancy ? C08 ? C07 other and unspecified major salivary glands of tonsil cancer malignancy ? C09 ? C10 ? oropharyngeal cancer ? C12 C11 nasopharyngeal cancer pyriform sinus cancer ? C13 ? C14 malignant hypopharynx lip, oral cavity and pharynx and other parts of the digestive organs of unknown cancer ? cancer (C15-C26) ? C15 ? C16 stomach and esophageal cancer malignant small intestine cancer ? C18 ? C17 ? C19 colon cancer rectosigmoid junction cancer rectal cancer ? C20 ? C21 ? C22 anus and anal canal cancer of liver and intrahepatic bile duct cancer ? C23 ? C24 gallbladder bile duct cancer other and unspecified sites of malignant tumors ? C25 ? C26 pancreatic cancer and other digestive organs unclear malignancy ? malignant respiratory and intrathoracic organs (C30-C39) ? C30 ? C31 malignant nasal and paranasal middle ear sinus malignant laryngeal cancer ? C33 ? C32 ? C34 malignant tracheal bronchus and lung cancer ? C37 ? C38 thymic malignancies heart, mediastinum and pleura malignancy ? C39 respiratory and intrathoracic organs and other parts of the malignant tumor is not clear

? malignant bone and articular cartilage (C40-C41) ? C40 and articular cartilage of limbs ? C41 malignant bone and articular cartilage of other and unspecified sites ? malignant cutaneous melanoma and other malignancies (C43-C44) ? C43 ? C44 melanoma skin cancer ? other mesothelial tissue and soft tissue sarcoma (C45-C49) ? C45 ? C46 mesothelioma, Kaposi’s sarcoma ? C47 peripheral nerves and autonomic nervous system malignancies ? C48 retroperitoneum ? C49 and peritoneal malignant soft tissue sarcoma and other connective tissue ? breast cancer (C50) ? C50 ? breast cancer female genital malignancies (C51-C58) ? C51 ? C52 vulvar cancer vaginal cancer ? C53 malignant cervical uterine cancer ? C54 ? C55 malignant site unspecified uterine cancer ovarian cancer ? C57 ? C56 other and unspecified female genital malignancies ? C58 placenta ? male genital cancer malignancy (C60-C63 ) ? urinary tract cancer penile cancer ? C61 ? C60 ? C62 prostate cancer testicular cancer ? C63 male reproductive organs and other unspecified (C64-C68) ? C64 kidney (except renal pelvis) cancer ? C65 other pelvis ureter cancer malignancy ? C66 ? C67 ? C68 urinary bladder cancer and other malignant tumors ? unspecified eye, brain and central nervous system cancer sites (C69-C72) ? C69 malignant eye and adnexa ? C70 malignant tumor meninges ? C71 ? C72 malignant brain spinal cord, brain and other parts of the central nervous system, cancer and other endocrine glands ? thyroid cancer (C73-C75) ? C73 ? C74 malignant adrenal thyroid cancer ? C75 tumors and other endocrine-related malignancies ? unclear structure, secondary and unspecified sites of malignant tumors (C76-C80)

? C76 is not clear and other parts of the malignant lymph nodes ? C77 Secondary and unspecified malignant respiratory and digestive organs ? C78 secondary malignancies ? C79 secondary malignant tumors in other parts of the site ? C80 unspecialized refers to malignant tumors ? lymphatic and hematopoietic tissue malignancies (C81-C96) ? C81 Hodgkin [Hodgkin’s] disease ? C82 follicular [nodular] non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, diffuse ? C83 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma ? C84 and surrounding skin T cell lymphoma ? C85 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other unspecified malignant type ? C88 ? C90 immune proliferative disease multiple myeloma and malignant plasma cell neoplasms ? C91 lymphoid leukemia myeloid leukemia ? C92 ? C93 ? C94 monocytic leukemia cell type specific to other unspecified cell leukemia ? C95 ? C96 lymphatic leukemia types, hematopoietic and other relevant organizations and unspecified malignant ? independent (primary) multiple sites of cancer (C97) ? C97 independent (primary) multiple sites of cancer


Type of cancer Skin cancer

Type of cancer

skin cancer

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Skin cancer is the most common types of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma. The third most common type of skin cancer is melanoma, which originated in melanocytes. There are also other kinds of rare skin cancer, such as from sweat glands produce skin cancer.

Australia is the world’s highest incidence of skin cancer. Two people living life in Australia will have a risk of some types of skin cancer. Unprotected and exposed to UV light from the sun or other sources (UV) radiation, such as the solarium tanning machine (tanning machine), it is the most important risk factor for skin cancer. UV radiation can not be seen or felt, but it may lead to premature sunburn, skin age, skin damage, over time they can cause skin cancer.

Although skin cancer often occurs in older people, but especially due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation is the sun, the damage began at a young age. New research shows that although the cell that is often damaged in childhood, but adult sun exposure can trigger cells turn cancerous.

Anyone can skin cancer. If you have a lot of moles a person’s body (spots); never sunscreen skin, or in the sun too long time (such as work at home); there is a personal or family history of melanoma; not often, but exposure to strong sunlight ( for example, during holidays or leisure activities), especially if exposed to sunburn; have easily sunburned, freckled sun is not black or white skin; red or blond hair, blue or green eyes; a Japanese dysplastic nevi or sunburn, or with compromised immune systems, then the risk will increase.

Black or olive skinned people get skin cancer more protection, because they can more than white-skinned people produce more melanin. However, due to ultraviolet radiation it is so strong in Australia, with black and olive-skinned people still need to protect their skin.

The best way to prevent skin cancer is to avoid the sun to your skin. To the sun, you want to know the intensity of sunlight display UV index. When the UV index is 3 (moderate) or above, the intensity of sunlight is enough to cause skin damage, then you need to take protective measures. Daylight saving time between 11:00 and 15:00 (the year is between 10 am to 2 pm and at other times), the strongest sunlight, this time to avoid the sun. In a few hours, more than 60 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to reach the Earth’s surface. Use shade umbrellas, building or any type of canopy to block the sun. Remember that UV radiation with a reflective, it may reflect back from a similar cement, water and sand surface, when you think you’ve got to protect your burns. To wear to cover as much skin, including neck clothing. The best protection from tightly woven clothing. Wear can cover the face, neck and ears hat. No matter what type of skin, use a sun protection factor (SPF) 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen waterproof. Use sunscreen 20 minutes before exposure to the sun out, and reapply every two hours. Swimming or any activity or to make your sweat wipe should apply a sunscreen after. Use comply with Australian Standard AS 1067 (check the label) sunglasses to protect your eyes. Close to the face, wraparound sunglasses best. Attention to the protection of infants and young children, do not let them be exposed to direct sunlight. Use parasols, umbrellas, clothing and hats to protect them. If necessary, use SPF30 + sunscreen protection will not protect the natural skin, such as the face and back of the hand position. Do not use tanning beds and sun lamps, which emit ultraviolet radiation can increase the risk of skin cancer.

A small amount of sunlight to your health is very important. When skin is exposed to UV radiation, it will manufacture the development and maintenance of strong bones help needed vitamin D. However, on most days of the week where you just 10 minutes in the sun, but must avoid ultraviolet strongest period, we will be able to get enough vitamin D to maintain good health. As long as the majority of Australians will be able to perform daily activities get enough ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.

Understand your skin condition and skin check four times a year, check your entire body, including the soles of the feet, toes and nails. Check your back or your legs, back and other parts with a mirror.

To find the spots on the skin signs include new, it is different from other nearby spots; long-lost healing ulcers; size, shape and color has changed spots, moles or freckles.

Your doctor will first review the suspicious spots, moles or freckles. If skin cancer is suspected, a biopsy will most likely diagnosis. Biopsy is a quick and simple procedure. Your family doctor may do a biopsy, or he will be transferred to your specialist. Your doctor will perform local anesthesia, cut spots. Generally give you a stitch or a few stitches to help heal wounds. Cut out tissue will be sent to a laboratory, where research organizations under a microscope by a pathologist. It may require at least a week to prepare for your test results good. This waiting period can make you very anxious. The biopsy results will help develop a treatment plan.

Typically removal of skin cancers biopsy can, therefore no further treatment is necessary. If other than skin cancer is large or has spread to the surface of the skin, they need to cut more tissue.




1 Cancer Abstract: cancer that is malignant, normal cells grow out of control and cause disease. Proto-oncogene is activated, deletion or inactivation of tumor suppressor gene mutations in cancer causing genes lead to cancer. Cancer can be identified by a scientific and rational way to prevent and reduce the incidence of cancer. Keywords: cancer cell growth in vivo prevention of proto-oncogenes deregulated by division and immortalized cells called tumor cells. Tumors can be divided into benign and malignant tumors, the former group is limited to the original position, do not infect other tissues surrounding the tumor cells, the latter group is not limited to the original location, have the ability to transfer tumor cells [1] . Tumor cells and normal cells is different from the loss of the normal structure and function converge on the form, showing some of the characteristics of undifferentiated cells is the loss of normal control group “die” immortalized cells [2]. Malignant epithelial tissue called cancer. Currently cancer has a generic name of malignant tumor cells. 1 oncogenes 1.1 Oncogenes oncogene (oncogene) refers to encoding product causes tumors in vivo, in vitro cell transformation caused by a class of genes, also known as gene conversion. As early as 1910, Rous chicken tumor found in the cell-free filtrate (including sarcoma virus) can make chicken evoked new sarcoma, sarcoma virus genome contains proof oncogene. Subsequent studies have shown that, Rous sarcoma virus genome is a single strand RNA, having only a few structural gene and a cancer gene (src gene). In the classification part of Retroviridae. Rous sarcoma virus infected cells to multiply and induce reverse mode cell cancer. The virus genome src gene product encoded a protein with a molecular weight of 60KD, so called p60src, tyrosine protein kinase (TPK) activity, enabling multiple tyrosine residues in a target protein phosphorylation, promote cell cancer. We have identified dozens of retroviral oncogenes. Is now understood that a variety of biological cell genome in the prevalence of viral oncogenes – similar sequences (v onc), but under normal circumstances they do not express or low expression of cell harmless; but in some cases when and under abnormal expression is activated, it causes cells to become cancerous. Since normal cells oncogene is inactivated form often called the proto-oncogene (pro -oncogene) When the proto-oncogene is activated, called oncogenes (c – onc), but the two are often as synonyms appear in the literature. Currently proto-oncogene discovered more than 100 species, the human proto-oncogene loci on chromosomes has been identified. In recent years, the new proto-oncogene continues to be discovered. Viral oncogenes and oncogene expression in biological evolution mostly highly conservative, that is the same kind of cancer genes at the nucleotide sequence very similar. Structural analysis also showed that the former (v – onc) is a complete continuous coding sequence, while the latter (c – onc) are mostly not continuous coding sequence gene is broken. According to recent research, may be encoded by oncogenes divided into six major types: growth factors, growth factor receptors, protein kinases, G proteins, nucleoprotein category and class of unknown function. These products are positioned at different locations in the cell, have different properties, which can be induced by a series of common characteristics are associated with cell proliferation gene expression, thus changing the cell phenotype. However, in normal cells, proto-oncogenes are usually a single copy exists only at low levels or not expressed, inactive cells harmless [3]. 1.2 tumor suppressor gene tumor suppressor gene (antioncogenes), also known as tumor suppressor (tumor suppressor genes). Since the two alleles of tumor suppressor gene inactivation or loss of all to display its function, it found that such large gene and separation difficulty. Therefore, the study of tumor suppressor genes is about ten years behind the cancer gene, until 1986, was first isolated from a tumor suppressor gene (Rb gene) cDNA. So far, few have been confirmed tumor suppressor gene. Normal regulation of cell proliferation signals can be divided into both positive and negative effects. Encoded by oncogenes are positive


??2 regulatory signals to promote cell proliferation, prevent cell differentiation. In contrast, tumor suppressor gene encoding product plays in the negative regulation of cell growth, inhibition of proliferation and differentiation, maturation and aging, guiding the excess cells into programmed cell death pathways. Thus, a tumor suppressor gene can be defined as a class of inhibiting cell proliferation and could potentially inhibit the cancer gene, deletion or inactivation cause cells to become cancerous. For example, Rb gene is the first to be isolated and identified tumor suppressor genes, are expressed in almost all cells, which was purified by phosphorylation and dephosphorylation modified the regulation of cell cycle activity. Dephosphorylation Rb protein (p105Rb) can be combined with the nuclear transcription factor E2F, inhibiting E2F not stimulate the expression of genes associated with cell proliferation. Deletion of both alleles of the gene results in retinoblastoma. In Part osteosarcoma, small cell lung cancer, breast cancer and bladder cancer can also be seen inactivation or deletion of the normal product of the Rb gene. But the cloned normal Rb gene into cultured tumor cells or retinal osteosarcoma cells suppressed malignant phenotype. Experimental results show that the normal Rb gene product p105Rb suppressed almost all divisions of cultured cells. Tumor suppressor gene encoded product can be divided into classes of transmembrane receptors, transcription factors, cell cycle factors category, DNA damage and other factors class and other types. These codes are the product play a role in cell signaling pathways in different areas, inhibit cell proliferation and cancer. 2 mutation mechanism of cancer 2.1 oncogene activation in some cases, proto-oncogenes can be activated by the following manner, causing cells to become cancerous. Point mutations activate example, there are many proto-oncogene mutation activated ras gene family in the example. Normal cells, H – ras gene is not active cell transformation, but bladder cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer cells in cloning the gene was able to induce cell transformation, because the first or second exon of the gene occurs point mutation, resulting in P21 protein encoded by a single amino acid is substituted, causing a conformational change in the protein, transforming activity greatly increased. Similarly, K- ras gene in lung and colon cancer cells also occurred activating point mutations, mutation sites in the first exon 12 codon. Both ends of the genome retroviral LTR activation are inserted into the long terminal repeat (LTR) which contains a strong promoter. When retroviruses infect cells, LTR promoter or near the insertion site of proto-oncogenes, can change the normal law regulating gene fundamentally, so that the expression level of the proto-oncogene greatly improved, induced carcinogenesis. Rearrangement / recombination activating gene rearrangements can occur between proto-oncogene may also occur between the proto-oncogene and other structural genes. For example, normal cells c – myc gene is not expressed, but due to lymphoma cells and the immunoglobulin (Ig) gene rearrangement is activated. Rearrangement, c – myc gene outside the first and second exons, three exons Disconnect, second, three exons are shifted into the Ig locus, so that the c – myc gene lost its original regulatory sequences (the first exon and 5 ‘upstream sequence) but by the promoter Ig gene regulation and enhanced promoter, a high level of expression. As another example, in normal cells ab1 gene expression level is very low, but in patients with chronic myeloma cells, the recombinant gene bcr fusion gene, so that expression of the sharp rise. Many missing activation of oncogenes 5p end there is a negative regulatory sequences upstream, once the sequence obtained by deletion or mutation will lose the ability to inhibit gene expression. As lymphoma cells, c – myc gene may be due to lack of negative regulation or LTR sequences insertional mutagenesis is activated, efficient expression. Increase the expression level of gene amplification of single copy genes by gene amplification mode, increase the effect of cell gene copy number and protein expression levels. This is normal cells acquire the ability to survive, but in cancer cells the frequency of the amplified DNA, at least a thousand times higher than normal cells. In the event of gene amplification, tumor cells can acquire a selective growth advantage. The study found that proto-oncogene in tumor cells is often amplified DNA target sites. In human cancer cells it has been found to amplify dozen oncogenes. 2.2 inactivation of tumor suppressor gene product

??3 Under normal circumstances the product of the tumor suppressor gene encodes a negative regulator of cell growth. However, in some cases, inactivation of tumor suppressor gene product, so that the cell Chiang Kai-shek, negative regulator of imbalance, leading to cancer. Inactivation of tumor suppressor gene product modes: inactivation of tumor suppressor gene mutations may also occur due to deletion, point mutation, insertion mutation and loss of tumor suppressor role. Rb gene before mentioned in a variety of tumor cells were found deletions or point mutations. Again, another tumor suppressor gene p53 gene in astrocytes cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, leukemia and osteosarcoma and a dozen other cancer cells, there is a high frequency of deletions or point mutations, leading to inactivation of the p53 protein. Moreover, some mutant p53 gene also has a synergistic carcinogenic effects. Phosphorylation inactivation of tumor suppressor gene product may be due to later be protein kinase phosphorylation lose tumor suppressor role. As the phosphorylated form of p53 and Rb gene product product, not only lost the function of inhibiting cell division, but instead of having a role in promoting cell proliferation. Binding protein and inactivation of tumor suppressor cancer gene product may, in conjunction with certain cancer gene product (protein or cancer transforming protein) and inactivation. For example, Rb protein, p53 protein can form stable complexes with certain viral oncogene gene product, thereby losing the inhibition of cell proliferation activity. Tumor suppressor gene product interactions between certain oncogene products, may be an important cause of cancer. 2.3 Environmental factors described above molecular basis of cancer cells is a gene mutation, chromosomal changes Uehara oncogene suppressor gene structure, changed the law regulating normal cell growth results. However, mutations in cells and how did this happen? This involves the influence of environmental factors. In fact, although genetic factors related to cancer, but most directly induce cancer in humans because of environmental factors. Environmental factors include biological factors, chemical factors and physical factors. 2.3.1 oncogenic viruses biological factors currently found in both RNA viruses have DNA virus. According to statistics, in human cancer patients, about 15% are caused by the cancer-causing virus. RNA viruses are known primarily for oncogenic retroviruses. Oncogenic RNA viruses can be divided into two types of acute and chronic, the former induced tumors short latency (3-4 weeks), the structural genes of the genome of these viruses are often partially lost, and replaced the missing part of the oncogene that viral replication defective and need the assistance of a helper virus in order to produce a complete virus particles, their carcinogenicity genome contained cancer genes; the latter induced tumors longer incubation period (4-12 months), and a non-defective virus can produce a complete copy of the virus particles, but does not contain cancer genome gene, when it is integrated into the host cell genome, due to the viral LTR insertion or due to viral gene expression product activates a proto-oncogene cause cells to become cancerous. Human RNA oncogenic viruses related T cell leukemia virus type 1 (human Tlymphocytropic virus 1, HTLV – 1) and hepatitis C virus (hepatitis C virus, HCV). HILV – 1 is a retrovirus, the gene expression product is a trans-activating factor, by interacting with cellular transcription factors to induce hyperproliferative T lymphocytes. HCV no reverse transcriptase, the viral genome can not insert mode activation of oncogenes, oncogenic mechanism which has made important progress in recent years, studies have shown that its genome core protein can activate the expression of nuclear transcription factor AP – 1, leading to malignant transformation. Common feature of oncogenic DNA viruses they carry oncogenes are more integrated into the host cell chromosomal DNA, which encodes a product of nucleoprotein, directly regulate the cell cycle, and interact with the tumor suppressor gene, so that the cell cycle disorder, cause cancer . Now that the cause of human tumor oncogenic DNA viruses are: (1) Egypt – Barr virus (Epstein – Barr virus, EBV), the African lymphoma virus, in addition to induce lymphoma, but also cause a variety of epithelial cancers , cholangiocarcinoma, leiomyoma (2) HPV (human papilloma virus, HPV) type 80 have been found, and the incidence of a variety of reproductive system cancer, oral cancer, skin cancer, esophageal and gastric cancer is closely Related (3) human herpes virus 8 (human herpes virus 8, HHV -8), also known as Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpes virus (Kaposi sarcoma

??4 associated herpes virus), and Kaposi’s sarcoma, primary effusion lymphoma and multiple myeloma tumor closely related (4) HBV (hepatitis B virus, HBV) belongs hepatotropic DNA virus family, It is a major cause of viral hepatitis pathogens, whose genome encodes the X protein activates c – myc, c – fos and c – jun and other proto-oncogenes promote cell proliferation, is an important reason to induce liver cancer. 2.3.2 chemical factors hitherto known chemical carcinogens thousands of different kinds, such as nitrite, an alkylating agent, aflatoxin (mold products), nicotine (tobacco components), these compounds enter the body cells to DNA damage caused by genetic mutations that cause cells to become cancerous. According to statistics, smokers compared with non-smokers, the incidence of lung cancer increased by 11 times, which show the dangers of tobacco on the human body can not be ignored. Air pollution and water pollution with the development of modern industry caused by the growing, but also due to the action of chemical carcinogens have a certain timing and dose, so in the future will continue to find more chemicals with carcinogenic effects. 2.3.3 Physical factors caused by radiation damage to the DNA of human cells, causing mutations, leading to cell transformation. Common radiation hazards have three categories: First, nuclear radiation, such as cobalt 60, γ-rays, x-rays, etc., with nuclear energy and nuclear technology in industrial and agricultural production, health care, scientific research and national defense in a wide range of applications related to nuclear radiation personnel hazards can not be ignored. Second, cosmic radiation, such as ultraviolet light, radiation intensity increases with altitude and latitude increases, people living in the highlands and in the long-term high-altitude flight personnel compromised is an indisputable fact. The third is electromagnetic radiation, high intensity electromagnetic wave that is household appliances Television, substations and transmission towers and other public electromagnetic equipment runtime generated, there are computers, televisions, cell phones and microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation occurs, which is full of electromagnetic waves space, becoming invisible killer of modern man. According to the survey, living in more than 2 gigahertz electromagnetic field in the crowd, the incidence rate of leukemia in 2193 times the normal circumstances, muscle tumor incidence rate of 3126 times. A large number of studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation has become one of today’s pathogens harmful to human health; electromagnetic pollution has been recognized as one of the four public nuisance and air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution with columns. 3 basic characteristics of cancer cells or normal body growth and division, or for rest, to perform their specific physiological functions. In the adult some organizations, there will be proliferation and cell death of aging of new cells, which are in dynamic equilibrium, stability and the maintenance of tissue and organs, which is a tightly controlled process. The proliferation of cancer cells lose control and become immortal “immortal” cell, increased proportion of nuclear transfer, split faster, destroyed the structure and function of normal cells. Invasive cancer cells and spread, easy to infiltrate the surrounding healthy tissue, or transferred through blood circulation or the lymphatic channels and in other parts of the adhesion and proliferation. Identification of normal cells through the interaction between the main specific proteins on the cell surface to achieve, thus the formation of specific tissues and organs. Recognition of cancer cells to break the shackles in the transfer process, in addition to produce hydrolases (such as enzymes for the hydrolysis of the basement membrane), but also to the abnormal expression of some membrane proteins, cell adhesion, and to continue to work with other parts of the proliferation, and to evade immune surveillance system to prevent natural killer cells recognize and attack like. Alter mRNA expression profiling and protein expression profile or protein activity of cancer cells, people have used gene expression profiling techniques (serial analysis of gene expression, SAGE) on breast cancer and colorectal cancer cells and normal cells, the gene expression profiles were compared . In the transcripts detected 300,000 fragments (at least the equivalent of 45 000 genes), only 500 transcripts fragment (equivalent to 75 genes) are significantly different, representing a small part of the entire gene expression profiles. Protein expression profiles of cancer expression profiles, often in some embryos expressed protein, most cancer cells have high telomerase activity. In addition, with the proliferation of malignant cancer cells, diffusion process-related protein expression is often abnormal components, such as fibronectin decreased protein kinase Src, and other transcription factors Myc expression. Adherent cancer cells decreased in vitro culture, cocoa failing

5 attached to the culture dish grown on the walls, and some also for suspension culture, no contact inhibition of normal cells [4]. Recommendation 4 Cancer Prevention data show that a large number of cancer prevention potential is enormous, because the cancer-causing factors dietary factors accounted for 35%, tobacco accounted for 30%, the two together is 65%, far exceeding the environmental pollution and viruses. Therefore advocates the establishment of a good lifestyle, risk factors, or choose not carcinogenic factors in food, scientific, reasonable adjustment diet, etc., which can be reduced by half the risk of cancer [5]. We recommend to start from the following aspects: (1) maintain a good living and working environment: air pollution is an important factor in living and working environment harmful to human, housing and office should always keep the air fresh, eliminate smoking, resettlement ventilation equipment prevent pollution gas kitchen flows into the bedroom, some synthetic fibers, plastics and rubber products contain carcinogens, it should be fair use. Indoor should be regularly vacuuming, carry out ground disinfection, keep the indoor temperature, moderate humidity, fresh air, clean home. (2) to quit: Smoking is known to be hazardous, it should find ways to publicize the importance and necessity of quitting, for the health of themselves and others determined to quit smoking. There are many ways to quit smoking, but the most fundamental one is to own a great determination to improve self-control, you can select the appropriate medicine, acupuncture, ear acupuncture and other measures to help quit smoking, quitting smoking can also eat sugar, quitting drinking tea. 3) less drinking: alcohol is a harmful substance, long-term drinking and drinking alcohol is very dangerous and should promote less drinking. (4) low-fat foods, and mildew: Western countries meat intake is higher than the 2 to 3 times our people, its colorectal cancer, the incidence of breast cancer is also higher than China, which was significantly higher incidence of colorectal cancer. High-fat diet can make large intestine of normal anaerobic bacteria to convert the relevant component of bile into carcinogenic substances, so be sure to limit fat intake, moldy food and food that can be isolated carcinogen aflatoxin, mycotoxins Ray high-temperature appliance general household use is difficult inactivated. Experiment was done: Ray bacteria toxin at a temperature of less than 280 # is still toxic, so if bread, bread, rice and other food have grown musty or yellow, cyan hairs is absolutely no longer edible, Modern Family refrigerator to store food, usually not more than 7 days, even if frozen, should not be more than three months. (5) prevent obesity: obese people more and more, mainly with an affluent life, lifestyle choices related to inappropriate. Obesity and uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer are closely related. Thus, in addition to select high-fiber, low-fat, low-sugar diet, should maintain a normal body weight, proper physical exercise, increased outdoor activities, according to their physical conditions of work and to develop practical compliance schedule, develop good habits . (6) to maintain a good mood: life should be actively overcome sadness, anxiety, pain, irritable mood and make the greatest efforts to increase the life and work of the fun, learn to openly express their emotions, to develop a broad-minded character. (7) sex: Some poor sexual activity and associated high incidence of certain cancers. For example, female sex life began early ages, who have multiple sexual partners, more chances of developing cervical cancer. Male sexual life begins early, and frequent incontinence who suffer from prostate cancer more opportunities. Therefore, to promote monogamy, to eliminate prostitution. It helps eliminate the occurrence of certain cancers. (8) to promote spiritual civilization: cancer prevention is a matter of the whole society. Therefore, to prevent pollution of the spirit of community, strengthening of social civilization and education is an important measure to prevent cancer, only to establish a good social morality, establish harmonious interpersonal relationships, in order to make good mental state; good choice of lifestyle for health and cancer is a great advantage.20F92692075CE22A

Level of cancer

Level of cancer

When the level of military cancer “big tiger”, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Xu’s death caused widespread concern, March 15 military prosecutors on related issues A reporter asked, said: “Xu due to bladder high-level urothelial carcinoma of end-stage, systemic multiple metastases, multiple organ failure, treatment failed died in hospital. “Some netizens strange way, Admiral, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission level really high enough, so the birth of a cancer is advanced else? Level of cancer is what does that mean? What is cancer? Human cells keep dividing proliferative capacity, division of normal cells is carried out in an orderly regulation of certain control procedures, and ordered the death of mature cells in a certain control program, also known as apoptosis. Because some cells in vivo gene mutation, division and proliferation out of control, excessive disorderly proliferation of abnormal cells that can not be programmed apoptosis like normal cells, these cells are cancer cells. Another feature of cancer cells can be worn tissue growing into the surrounding tissue infiltration barrier; can form new tumors through lymphatic and blood vessels to reach the rest of the body, a process called metastasis. Cancer cell proliferation the formation of lumps, called malignant tumors. Tumor grade tumor cells and tissues under a microscope showed some different from normal cells and tissues of structural features, also known histological features. If the tissue close to the tumor cells and normal cells and tissues, these tumors “well-differentiated”; on the contrary, loss of normal cell morphology and structure were as “poorly differentiated” or “undifferentiated.” Usually better differentiation of tumor growth and spread slower, which is low, we usually say malignancy; the contrary, tumor growth and spread faster, namely the so-called high degree of malignancy.

??According to tumor cells and tissues under a microscope these and other histopathologic features, settings, and most cancer doctors assigned a “level” value. Thus, cancer classification, also known as pathological grade, cancer cells and tissues is “abnormal degree” or “normal tissue differentiation degree”, is an indicator of the reaction rate of tumor growth and spread, simply represented the tumor is “aggressive or progressive potential,” popular, is its degree of malignancy size. Grading and staging of cancer classification with respect to cancer, cancer of the differences for the general public may be more familiar with, it is often said that a certain person’s cancer is early or late. Staging of cancer is the development stage of the tumor which mainly refers to the size of the primary tumor, involving the expansion of the scope and whether Caesar. Usually based on the location of the primary tumor, the size, regional lymph node involvement have been violated, and the number of tumors (that is, whether to generate metastasis) to determine these factors. How to get tumor grade? If you suspect that a tumor is malignant, the doctor will take a biopsy pathology is called a method (called a biopsy) to determine. After this process, including some or all of the doctors removed the tumor tissue by the pathologist to obtain tissue into very thin slices, usually additional processing under the microscope for dyeing

Cell morphology and structure were observed to determine whether the tumor is malignant or benign, and also based on histopathological features for pathological grading of determining the degree of malignancy grade. How to divide the tumor grade? As there may be huge differences histopathology of cancer, so different cancers might use a different rating system. However, in general, according to the degree of abnormality histological tumor is divided into G1, G2, G3, G4, and several other levels. G1 tumors are low-grade tumors, cell and tissue morphology close to normal, these tumors tend to grow and spread slowly. In contrast, G3 and G4 histological tumor looks bigger difference in normal cells and tissues, known as high-grade tumors, usually higher than low-grade tumors to grow and spread more quickly. G2 tumor was in grade tumors. Non-specific tumor types generally generic rating system: GX: level can not be assessed (unrated); G1: well differentiated (low grade); G2: moderately differentiated (the level); G3: poorly differentiated (high grade); G4 : undifferentiated (high grade).

Low level (

Grade I) breast cancer the high-level (III stage) breast cancer seen of rank and degree of differentiation of tumor grade level on the contrary, the higher the degree of differentiation, the lower level, the lower the degree of malignancy; on the contrary, the lower the degree of differentiation The higher the level, the higher the degree of malignancy. Specific to Xu’s “high-level urothelial bladder cancer” is poorly degree, highly malignant bladder cancer.

Low-grade bladder transitional cell carcinoma (carcinoma in situ) High-level invasive bladder urothelial carcinoma cancer grading significance20F92692909D0F35